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El Carmen Sugarcane Decaf - Caravan Coffee Roasters

El Carmen Sugarcane Decaf

Decaffeinated in-country in Colombia using coffee from the El Carmen Association, with whom Caravan have enjoyed a long-standing relationshi...

Kerinci Natural - Caravan Coffee Roasters

Kerinci Natural

The 320 members of Cooperative Barokah, who live in the shadow of Mount Kerinci, have focused their collective efforts on quality and proces...

Market Blend (Jan. 2021) - Caravan Coffee Roasters

Market Blend (Jan. 2021)

Market Blend has been our signature espresso blend since we started in 2010. Always using fresh, in-season coffees, grown by producers with ...

Mario Hervas - Caravan Coffee Roasters

Mario Hervas

Our first release of 2021 comes from one of Caravan’s longest running partnerships, Finca El Meridiano and its owner, Mario Hervas. Mario’s ...

The Daily - Caravan Coffee Roasters

The Daily

Sourced and roasted with sweetness and accessibility in mind, the Daily Blend is our reimagining of the traditional classic coffee. Thick bo...

Special Brü (Jan. 2021) - Caravan Coffee Roasters

Special Brü (Jan. 2021)

Our first Special Brü of 2021 is a celebration of the work of female coffee producers, from whom we sourced 100% of this blend. As part of o...

Estela Domingo - Caravan Coffee Roasters

Estela Domingo

Our second and final Guatemalan release for the 2020 season sees us warmly welcome another familiar producer back to the CCR lineup. Estela ...