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Crema Filter - Matthew Algie

Crema Filter

Think sweet, smoky treacle that blooms when paired with milk. The lengthy aftertaste will be etched on your mind. Crema is a classic after ...

Tiki - Matthew Algie


The bright, sweet aroma is followed by soft roast notes and a hint of fruit. Our most popular coffee! It’s adaptable and suited to a broad ...

Pacha - Matthew Algie


Sweet vanilla and caramel on the palate, toast to finish. Pacha is ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy an intense espresso with finely balanc...

Tiki Filter - Matthew Algie

Tiki Filter

The soft roast taste is accompanied by just enough citrus to balance the flavour scale. The aroma of soft roast is garnished with tantalisin...

Kingsley - Matthew Algie


Lots of sweet, dried fruit with the scent of wine and ripe plum. Kingsley is sweet and ripe, with dried fruit flavours. Much of the charact...

Tierra Verde - Matthew Algie

Tierra Verde

The perfect balance of brightness and depth. The thick mouthfeel gives way to a soft toast finish. The perfect balance -of brightness and d...

Gaia - Matthew Algie


Dark treacle meets juicy pears: full, rounded and alive with bright flavours. Triple certified – Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance...

Tiki Decaf - Matthew Algie

Tiki Decaf

The caffeine is removed by carbon dioxide. No nasty chemicals are involved, so all that wonderful Tiki flavour is protected. Triple certifi...

Tiki Filter Decaf - Matthew Algie

Tiki Filter Decaf

A medium to dark roast, Tiki Decaf is soft and balanced. It feels round, with cosy roast notes that almost embrace you. Fairtrade, organic ...

Darwin - Matthew Algie


Bright, cheeky and endlessly fruity. Darwin has a lovely sweet, fragrant aroma -and a nicely balanced body. Triple certified – Fairtrade, o...

Crema - Matthew Algie


Smooth, sweet and nutty. Unsurprisingly, Crema loves milk. Crema is a sophisticated espresso with a sweet, dry nutty flavour. Medium roaste...

Elevator - Matthew Algie


Think dry cereal aromas with sweet, grainy molasses and nuts on the palate. Triple certified – Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance a...

Tierra Verde Filter - Matthew Algie

Tierra Verde Filter

The medium body and comforting toasty notes are a perfectly bittersweet combination. ‘Versatile’. In this case it’s not a compromise – but ...