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Colombia Azahar Decaf - Joe Bean Roasters

Colombia Azahar Decaf

A gem of a sugarcane decaf from Colombia that stands a good chance at redefining the way you think about decafs. It was processed in-country...

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain - Joe Bean Roasters

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain

Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is located in the Oromia region, in the Odo Shakiso district of the Guji zone. Coffees from Guji are known for th...

Tiger Stripe Espresso - Joe Bean Roasters

Tiger Stripe Espresso

This classic espresso blend is named after the beautiful range of colors, from mahogany to orange, found in a perfect espresso shot. A blend...

Colombia Ederleth Lozano Molina - Joe Bean Roasters

Colombia Ederleth Lozano Molina

Ederleth Lozano Molina runs a farm with her husband, son, and daughter-in-law. On their larger farm, she has set aside land reserved as her ...

Blossom Dark Roast - Joe Bean Roasters

Blossom Dark Roast

Every coffee bean starts its journey as a blossom on a tree, eventually turning into a green bean which ripens to a deep red (or yellow) che...

Congo Umoja - Joe Bean Roasters

Congo Umoja

Umoja micro-lot selected by Mighty Peace Coffee, is grown in the Highlands along Lake Kivu. This African Great Lakes region is known for pro...

Fabricator House Roast - Joe Bean Roasters

Fabricator House Roast

Named after Rochester’s rich history of clothing craftsmanship, this crowd pleasing coffee is woven together with beans from Azahar Coffee ...

Geometric - Joe Bean Roasters


With each component fitting perfectly into place, this three part blend is the perfect cup for both manual pour-over and automatic drip brewi...

Don Roger & Isabel's Pache Microlot - Joe Bean Roasters

Don Roger & Isabel's Pache Microlot

This Pache microlot from Nicaraguan farmer Don Roger, a truly amazing coffee, holds an enormous amount of sentiment for our team. One of the...

Honduras Jeovany Lara - Joe Bean Roasters

Honduras Jeovany Lara

No description available....

Guatemala La Revuelta - Joe Bean Roasters

Guatemala La Revuelta

What we love about this coffee is the amazing depth of character as well as the intense, deep fruit notes that burst forth in every sip. We ...