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La Palmera - Old Spike

La Palmera

Hacienda La Palmera, translating to the Palm Tree Estate, is located in the west of Caldas, in the town of Anserma. The region’s high altitu...

Decaf - La Estrella Del Ostro - Old Spike

Decaf - La Estrella Del Ostro

The regional blend of Colombian coffees here are specifically chosen for the E.A. decaffeination process. This allows us to present one of t...

Finca Fatima - Old Spike

Finca Fatima

Steeped in the heritage of the Perez family and the devoted studies of Ernesto Perez, the Finca Fátima is exemplary of the progression the M...

Benedict Blend (Jan. 2021) - Old Spike

Benedict Blend (Jan. 2021)

Named after St Benedict, the patron saint of homelessness our house blend is a symbol of what Old Spike represents with 65% of our profits g...

Anserma - Old Spike


Grown by the Cooperativa Caficultores de Anserma, where 30% of the members are women, this coffee hails from the south west of Caldas. Situa...

Eugenia Díaz - Old Spike

Eugenia Díaz

Finca La Montañita, located in the fertile highlands of Chalatenango, is run by Eugenia Diaz, a 24-year-old exemplary coffee producer. Eugen...

Jorge Bakarat - Old Spike

Jorge Bakarat

Jorge Bakarat became a coffee grower by chance more than 30 years ago. Over the years, he overcame the challenges of climate, water shortage...