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Oba Toli - Small Planes Coffee

Oba Toli

This is another delightful washed coffee processed by the Kata Muduga Union. It comes from just over 160 producers of the relatively new Oba...

Ellipse - Small Planes Coffee


It's a blast from the past! Our Ellipse blend is back and ready to brighten your lattes just in time for warmer days. This blend shares the...

Gateway - Small Planes Coffee


Gateway is our third year-round product, after Arboretum and Decaf. Its name refers to the neighborhood just north of our roastery and to ou...

Yovanny Portela - Small Planes Coffee

Yovanny Portela

Yovanny’s coffee is a great example of Tolima’s medium-high acidity, round body, and fresh, fruity flavors. This coffee has vibrant tropical...

Leonela Rivera - Small Planes Coffee

Leonela Rivera

Leonela Rivera’s farm, Finca La Gloria, is glorious indeed. It sits very near the top of a verdant mountain on the eastern slopes of the Cor...

Decaf Desvelado - Small Planes Coffee

Decaf Desvelado

'Desvelado' translates to ‘sleepless’: a lighthearted joke, or a seriously fitting name for a decaffeinated coffee. ‘Unable to sleep after t...

Kanzu Lot 7 - Small Planes Coffee

Kanzu Lot 7

This coffee is named for the Kanzu washing station. The average Rwandan coffee farmer has around 180 trees, so no single lot can be traced t...

Arboretum - Small Planes Coffee


The name "Arboretum" is an homage to northeast D.C.’s beloved National Arboretum, a rejuvenating oasis of natural beauty that practically bo...