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10 months ago •

One of the best cups of coffee Ive ever brewed. Its pricey but I cant wait to buy another bag as a special treat.

Colombia Eider Munoz - Lot61

Colombia Eider Munoz

Hi, it's Dani here, Head-barista at the Kinkerstraat cafe. I visited Eider's farm two years ago and we've been working closely with him eve...

Nosegrind - Lot61


G’day mate! It’s LOT61’s roasting crew here. Our third creation, the Nosegrind, is for those die-hard coffee geeks, the misfits, explorers ...

Bombora - Lot61


Hi, it’s Ray here reporting from the roastery. Although numbered a 3, the Bombora was actually our very first blend, and oh my, a lot happe...

Peru El Palto - Lot61

Peru El Palto

Hi! It's Ray here, I deal with all kinds of coffee stuff within LOT61. The El Palto from Peru has been a L61 favourite for years due to it'...

Guatemala La Esperanza - Lot61

Guatemala La Esperanza

Hey! Dan here from Los Volcanes Coffee, reporting from Guatemala. La Esperanza is fairly small, flat, and well organized. Over the last fou...

Ethiopia Laayyoo - Lot61

Ethiopia Laayyoo

Heya guys, I'm Danielle, account manager at LOT61. Ethiopia, an origin that rarely ever disappoints. The Laayyoo delivers another classic j...

Colombia Miller Walles Cruz - Lot61

Colombia Miller Walles Cruz

Hey all, I'm Rory, Head roaster at LOT61. I always get excited to roast and taste unique coffees. What makes this coffee from Finca La More...

Fivr - Lot61


The FIVR is our local hero blend. Used in many cafes thanks to it's all-around power. The Brazilian coffee cuts very well through the milk...

Fresh Water Decaf - Lot61

Fresh Water Decaf

Time to put on your lab coat and safety glasses.. because we're going to cover decaf! Our decaf coffee got stripped from the jitters entire...

Zimzala - Lot61


Hey there, it's Danielle reporting from the cupping table. Let's talk Zimzala! Like a bit of a zing in your Espresso? Zimzala's base of Bra...