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Rwanda Inzovu - Krankies Coffee

Rwanda Inzovu

This community peaberry coffee, known as Inzovu, comes from 65 washing stations and more than 80,000 farmers across Rwanda. This annual offe...

La Montana Pacamara - Krankies Coffee

La Montana Pacamara

This honey processed pacamara peaberry comes to us from Mapache Coffee. This 5th generation company is located in the Apancea Ilamatepec mou...

Laayyoo Natural - Krankies Coffee

Laayyoo Natural

Laayyoo is another coffee that comes to us from the Gugi region of Ethiopia. The name itself comes from an indigenous tree found in the regi...

House Roast Guatemala Atitlan - Krankies Coffee

House Roast Guatemala Atitlan

The goal of our flagship House Roast really is to provide something for everybody: a balanced medium roast bold enough for a morning jolt or...

Railhead Espresso - Krankies Coffee

Railhead Espresso

Named in honor of the train tracks directly beside our building, our house espresso blend is made with a rotating selection of coffees chose...

Mustafa Decaf - Krankies Coffee

Mustafa Decaf

Part of our coffee-roasting philosophy is that the art matters more than the buzz. For this reason, we salute the decaf drinkers! Our hope i...

French Roast Guatemala Atitlan - Krankies Coffee

French Roast Guatemala Atitlan

We know that, for dark roast fanatics, nothing else will do. We also know that roasting dark can burn away the complex flavors so prized in ...

Sao Jose Anaerobic Red Honey - Krankies Coffee

Sao Jose Anaerobic Red Honey

Krankies is super excited to roast and release this amazing coffee from producer Marcos Antonio de Freitas of Brazil. Marcos is passionate a...