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Hammerhead Espresso - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Hammerhead Espresso

Hammerheads Signature Espresso Roast. Perfect balance of beans from around the globe combined and roasted to a medium-dark level to produce ...

Velvet Elvis - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Velvet Elvis

Our "King of Coffee", Velvet Elvis starts smooth and stays smooth despite it's dark roast nature. We use sweet, mellow coffees from the Amer...

Half-Life - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters


Complex Blend featuring Half of a Triple Blend of Swiss Water Process Decaf Beans & Half of a Triple blend of the same caffeinated beans. ...

Breakfast Blend - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Breakfast Blend

Snappy blend of coffees from South America, featuring a medium body, nice acidity, hints of creamy chocolate and nutty, subtle stone fruit w...

Cal's 1/2 Decalf & 1/2 Elvis - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Cal's 1/2 Decalf & 1/2 Elvis

50% Decaf, 50% Velvet Elvis. Intense and flavorful with plenty of body and roasty goodness, but with half the kick . Half-Caff Dark Roast....

Hammerhead Stout - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Hammerhead Stout

Medium roasted signature blend Hammerhead Stout combines East African flavors with coffees from Central & South Americas. These coffees toge...

Ethiopia Sidamo - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Sidamo

Natural processed! That means a medium body, and a creamy mouthfeel. The unique combination of sweet fruit and honey, along with a lovely wi...

Whatcom Dark - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Whatcom Dark

Our second darkest roast, body and more body abounds in this blend combining coffees from Indonesia and South America. Earthy with notes of...

Decaf Cascadia - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Decaf Cascadia

Blend of Decaf Ethiopia, Decaf Guatemala, Decaf Honduras and Decaf Timor Indonesia. Plenty of body, earth, chocolate, and berry, with a mild...

Mocha Jabba - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Mocha Jabba

Modeled after the world’s oldest blend, Mocha Jabba combines an earthy, heavy-bodied Indonesian with a sweet and unpredictable Ethiopian. Bi...

Sumatra - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters


Indonesian Grown Sumatra. Developed to a rich dark roast, full flavor. Accentuates the richest flavors sought after from the lovers of Sumat...

Sunnyland Brew - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Sunnyland Brew

Smooth and well-balanced with a mild acidity and clean finish. Certified Grandparent and In-Law safe. Medium Roast....

Peppermint Mocha - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Peppermint Mocha

Purely delicious! Dazzle your taste buds with a seasonal treat of Peppermint Mocha infused coffee beans! Dash of cream gives it a creamy tex...

Daddio - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters


Blends a full-bodied Indonesian with an elegant Ethiopian for intense flavor. Brings a thicker body, slightly smoky with hints of fruit. Da...

Chuckanut Gold - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Chuckanut Gold

Medium roast coffee that uses coffees from Indonesia and Central America. The medium body is further complimented by a mellow acidity and an...

Cold Brew - Hammerhead Coffee Roasters

Cold Brew

Even those who take hot coffee with sugar and cream might find themselves sipping cold brew plain. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, W...