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House Blend - Brandzaak Koffie

House Blend

The House Blend is composed by our burner into a taste sensation that will shake your taste buds to their foundations. For this he used 2 di...

Latin Blend - Brandzaak Koffie

Latin Blend

The Latin Blend is composed with 1 goal; creating the ultimate chocolate bomb. How do you do that? Simple, take the Brasil and Guatemala in ...

Onyx Blend - Brandzaak Koffie

Onyx Blend

The Onyx Blend is a creation of our customers. Coffee lovers with a preference for a broad taste palette and a high degree of intensity have...

Honduras Marcala Comsa - Brandzaak Koffie

Honduras Marcala Comsa

There are few coffees that hold up well in almost all coffee preparations. The milk in a cappuccino quickly seeks a powerful coffee as a com...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Brandzaak Koffie

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

The famous coffee beans from the high mountains of Yirgacheffe are a real sensation for real coffee connoisseurs. The intense aromas, sweet ...

Costa Rica Coope Tarrazu - Brandzaak Koffie

Costa Rica Coope Tarrazu

It sounds a bit strange, but Costa Rican coffee beans taste and smell much more like coffee than other coffee beans do. The connoisseur reco...

Decaf: Colombia Huila - Brandzaak Koffie

Decaf: Colombia Huila

Do you want to avoid caffeine but still enjoy a nice cup of coffee? Our Colombia Huila Decaf is an accessible coffee with nutty hints and no...

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Brandzaak Koffie

Guatemala Huehuetenango

Are you a fan of an intense cup of coffee? Then you are in the right place with this powerful Guatemala. The coffee is very rich in taste an...

Brasil Yellow Bourbon - Brandzaak Koffie

Brasil Yellow Bourbon

Are you a fan of a mild coffee with a sweet taste? Then the Brasil Yellow Bourbon is exactly what you are looking for. The Brasil Yellow Bou...

Peru Yanesha - Brandzaak Koffie

Peru Yanesha

Our Peruvian Yanesha is grown by small farmers from the indigenous Yanesha tribe. The special relationship with their land and dedication to...