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DownUnder Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

DownUnder Blend

Start your day out the right with an amazing cup of Oceana Coffee Morning Blend. This blend is a true Aussie style cuppa! Rich chocolate an...

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Guatemala Huehuetenango

We taste tangerine, chocolate and hints of walnuts. Well balanced with a great balance of citrus acidity and body. ...

Quantum House Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Quantum House Blend

This special blend was created with heartfelt cups of healing in mind. Like a warm hug in a cup! A mild breakfast blend sure to delight any...

Get There Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Get There Blend

This special blend was created with athletes and sports fans in mind. A mild breakfast blend sure to delight any early pregame or pre-workou...

Mexico Chiapas - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Mexico Chiapas

Well-balanced with a sweet, nutty aroma, subtle hints of cinnamon, and rounded out by mild acidity and a clean finish ...

Brazil Cerrado - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Brazil Cerrado

Sweet, full body, clean, chocolate with buttery caramel ...

Sumatra Mdndheling - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Sumatra Mdndheling

Sweet/savory, chocolaty. Spicy chocolate, plum, rosemary, lightly scorched pine, lantana-like flowers in aroma and cup. Distinctly sweet/sav...

Ned Kelly Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Ned Kelly Blend

Named for a dark and sinister Australian character, Ned Kelly, this blend is hearty and robust but not nearly as dark as it’s name sake! If ...

Cold Brew Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Cold Brew Blend

The same blend we run at our own locations, a delicious combination of a South America and African coffee roasted to perfection for the most...

FRLA E.A.T.S Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

FRLA E.A.T.S Blend

This special blend was created for the perfect finish to an excellent meal in mind. A medium roast sure to complement even your fanciest din...

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Durato Bombe - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Durato Bombe

In 2006 Daye Bensa Coffee was established by two brothers – Asefa & Mulugeta Dukamo who have been working within the Sidama region in coffee...

Ethiopia Honey Yirgacheffe Koke - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Honey Yirgacheffe Koke

Fruit-forward, deep-toned. Blueberry jam, dark chocolate, magnolia, lemon verbena, maple syrup in aroma and cup. Sweet structure with pert a...

Espresso Blend - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Espresso Blend

Whether enjoyed straight up in a shot or a milk-based drink, our Espresso blend is built with both in mind. Delicious, rich, smooth and exac...

Bali Blue Moon Organic - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Bali Blue Moon Organic

Bali Blue Moon coffee is a rare and unique Arabica specialty coffee produced by smallholding farmers in the fertile volcanic highland area a...

Decaf - Oceana Coffee Roasters


Sweet, raisins chocolaty and nutty. You would never know it’s decaffeinated. ...

Timor Fair Trade - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Timor Fair Trade

Timor has been in Oceana’s line up for the past few years. It is a crowd favorite for those who enjoy the medium dark range of flavor profil...

Colombia Santa Barbara Estate - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Colombia Santa Barbara Estate

This coffee is clean and balanced in the cup, fruit-forward, with great sweetness, and notes of orange, caramel and cherry. ...

Costa Rica - Oceana Coffee Roasters

Costa Rica

Smooth deep chocolate notes with, toasted almonds, cacao and faint hints of lemon , and Rainforest Alliance Certified ...