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2 months ago • Good Fika @ Home

New Blueprint roast processed washed with anaerobic fermentation. Tasted pretty bright and was great through the Aeropress. I’ll try it with the V60 next time.

Aristides Guarnizo - Rosado - Blueprint Coffee

Aristides Guarnizo - Rosado

Two larger lots of coffee were created from the selection offered by Aristides Guarnizo this year. We make our selections based on taste pro...

Penrose (Espresso Blend) - Blueprint Coffee

Penrose (Espresso Blend)

Penrose, named after the triangle, is our seasonal espresso blend. We feel the perfect espresso is an impossible goal, but we still strive t...

Primary Series: Red - Blueprint Coffee

Primary Series: Red

Red brings the fruit-forward and dense quality of some of the most unique specialty coffees to our Primary Series. Featuring a profile remin...

Seis Familias - Blueprint Coffee

Seis Familias

All kinds of businesses have pivoted their normal operations to adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes specialty co...

Bokkisa, Ethiopia - Blueprint Coffee

Bokkisa, Ethiopia

We’re featuring traceable specialty coffee from Bokkisa, Ethiopia for our second release of Instant Coffee. We collaborated with Swift Cup C...

Kawo Kamina - Blueprint Coffee

Kawo Kamina

We were fortunate to visit the Sheka Kawo Kamina Farm in Ethiopia last February. Incidentally, this was Blueprint Coffee’s last origin trip ...

Primary Series: Blue (Cold Brew) - Blueprint Coffee

Primary Series: Blue (Cold Brew)

"Blue" one of our three Primary Series Coffee occupies the space of Cold Brew Blend at Blueprint Coffee. We use this coffee to make our in-h...

Ejo Heza - Blueprint Coffee

Ejo Heza

As we reflect on life before and after the pandemic, we realize a lot of the challenges have been out of our control. This is also one of th...

Decaf Caldas E.A - Blueprint Coffee

Decaf Caldas E.A

The Caldas region of Colombia is part of the "Triangulo Del Café," or the Coffee Triangle. Also known as the "Coffee Belt," this central reg...

Primary Series: Yellow - Blueprint Coffee

Primary Series: Yellow

There is something comforting about having a go-to: whether that’s a listening ear, a favorite hiking trail, or a consistently great cup of ...

Tekton (Seasonal Blend) - Blueprint Coffee

Tekton (Seasonal Blend)

The seasonal and transparent coffee blend, Tektōn, chases a difficult goal – highlighting complexity while being approachable. Tektōn satisf...