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Honduras Las Flores - Alvaro Pineda - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Honduras Las Flores - Alvaro Pineda

This particular lot of coffee was purchased thru the Bonaventure Coffee Project, which is a generative and collaborative effort led by Kevin...

Sumatra Aceh Gayo - Pantan Musara - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Sumatra Aceh Gayo - Pantan Musara

This coffee comes from a small mill in the Pegasing district of Takengon, in Sumatra's coffee-famous Aceh region. The mill serves several sm...

Costa Rica Finca El Palomar (White Honey) - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Costa Rica Finca El Palomar (White Honey)

The saying "don't work with your family" doesn't always apply to coffee, and some of the best producers we have met work closely with parent...

Mexico Nayarita (Natural Process) - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Mexico Nayarita (Natural Process)

This highly sustainable naturally processed Mexican coffee is a favorite amongst our customers; the natural process imparts a very "fruity" ...

Tanzania Ngorongoro (Honey) - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Tanzania Ngorongoro (Honey)

This coffee is sourced from a family-owned estate located in the Karatu district, Tanzania. The lowest and highest elevations in all of Afri...

Twilight Blend - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Twilight Blend

Roasted dark? Yes! Burned, scorched, turned to ash? No. This is "dark roast done right", which as it turns out is hard to find. The Twilight...

The Holiday Blend - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

The Holiday Blend

We always put a lot of intention into our Holiday Blend. The goal is to create something unique from years past - and delicious in its own r...

Ethiopia Kochere - Banko Gutiti - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Ethiopia Kochere - Banko Gutiti

The Banko Gotiti washing station is one of the furthest east in the Gedeb district of the Gedeo Zone. 650 producers deliver cherry to this s...

Brazil Condado Estate - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Brazil Condado Estate

We are extremely grateful here at Velton’s Coffee to be able to offer this pulped natural Brazil! Great as a pourover and beautifully suited...

Treehouse Blend - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Treehouse Blend

The Treehouse Blend is designed to be a crowd pleaser -- sweet with just a touch of fruit, nuts, and chocolate, to be great black or with mi...

Three Ravens Blend - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Three Ravens Blend

A blend of different coffees form Colombia, this coffee has been decaffeinated via a traditional water process and the introduction of sugar...

Bonsai Blend - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Bonsai Blend

The Bonsai Blend is easily our top selling coffee; it received the all-time best score (94) ever given by Coffee Review for an espresso blen...

Panama Finca Bambito - Velton's Coffee Roasting Co.

Panama Finca Bambito

Located in the Volcan Baru area of Panama between two national forest parks, Bambito Estate is crossed by two mountain ridges from East to W...