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6 months ago • Lake Highlands

One of my favorites! Weekend coffee

6 months ago • Lake Highlands

Favorite coffee cup. Favorite weekend coffee. No soccer. Joined the fully vaxxed club yesterday. Yeet.

1 month ago •

Took awhile to dial this in for some reason. The bag recommends a 1:17 ratio. So working from that I finally got to the following: 1:17, Oxo grind size 11, water temp 200, 30 g. 90ml bloom for 45sec. Another 150ml. Then 80ml pulses. Seems to work best when you ensure the beans are fully soaked in water even if you are doing bigger pulses.

Sugar Bee Espresso - Tony's Coffee

Sugar Bee Espresso

Tony’s award winning espresso from the 2013 America’s Best Espresso Competition in Seattle! The roast profile for our flagship espresso is ...

Ethiopia Kochere - Tony's Coffee

Ethiopia Kochere

This exceptional coffee was grown by smallholder farmers living in Gedeo County of the Yirgacheffe region. Most contributing farmers own les...

Forager Breakfast Blend - Tony's Coffee

Forager Breakfast Blend

In Bellingham, we are blessed with a natural bounty in our own backyard. We developed our Forager Blend for the adventurous coffee drinker w...

Songbird Blend - Tony's Coffee

Songbird Blend

Much like the songbird that spends its summers in the Pacific Northwest and winters in Cabo this coffee is for the person who wants it all –...

Backcountry - Tony's Coffee


If you were to drop by Tony’s and ask us to describe our favorite cup of coffee, you would quickly notice a trend – the outdoors. The only t...

Classic French - Tony's Coffee

Classic French

Classic French is one of our heartiest blends. While we enjoy this blend at any hour, we find that it’s particularly tasty as an after-dinne...

Snow Joe Winter Blend - Tony's Coffee

Snow Joe Winter Blend

Winter fun is the best fun. We created a new winter blend that captures the joy of playing so hard that you start to lose feeling in your fi...

Tony's Blend - Tony's Coffee

Tony's Blend

Like all of our blends, the components in Tony’s Blend change with the seasons so that we can bring you the freshest possible coffees. Durin...

Half Calf - Tony's Coffee

Half Calf

The quote All good things in moderation, including moderation has been credited to Oscar Wilde, Horace Porter, and Petronius, among others. ...

Back 40 - Tony's Coffee

Back 40

Back 40 is our darkest roast blend. While we’re always refining our roast profiles, we like to think of this coffee as an homage to the roas...

Peru Pangoa - Tony's Coffee

Peru Pangoa

This Fair Trade and organic certified offering was sourced from San Martin de Pangoa, in the larger Junin region of Peru. The coffee was pro...

Cafe Carmelita - Tony's Coffee

Cafe Carmelita

Whether it’s a rainy day movie, knock-knock joke or dance move – everyone needs their go-to. Carmelita is our go-to brew. Whether you’re vis...

Espresso Classico - Tony's Coffee

Espresso Classico

We consulted the head of the Latin Department at Western Washington University and were told that Espresso Classico roughly translates to "C...

Sophia's Blend - Tony's Coffee

Sophia's Blend

Strong, steadfast, dependable. Much like the Brooklyn Bridge. That is, if Manhattan were a dark roast and Brooklyn were a medium roast. Soph...

Sumatra Ketiara Cooperative - Tony's Coffee

Sumatra Ketiara Cooperative

Sumatra – Ketiara Cooperative is produced on family owned farms organized around the Ketiara cooperative, located in the Takengon highlands ...

Look For The Helpers - Tony's Coffee

Look For The Helpers

Food banks across the country provide a vital role in their communities — this is truer now more than ever. We wanted to do something to sup...

Decaf Pacific - Tony's Coffee

Decaf Pacific

Pacific is our darkest roasted decaf – an homage to the roasting style of 1971 – the year of our founding. It straddles the line of bittersw...

French Royale - Tony's Coffee

French Royale

While we enjoy our French Royale year-around, it is hands-down our favorite snow day coffee. Whether you’re staying home by the fire or head...

50th Anniversary Blend - Tony's Coffee

50th Anniversary Blend

To celebrate 50 years of craft coffee, we created this refreshing blend of our favorite organic, fair trade, shade grown coffees from Ethiop...

Rwanda Nyarusiza - Tony's Coffee

Rwanda Nyarusiza

Nyarusiza is one of two washing stations run by Buf Cafe, an organization known for exemplary quality and many Cup of Excellence wins. The w...

Kenya Ichamama - Tony's Coffee

Kenya Ichamama

Sometimes it’s good to switch things up like trying a single-origin instead of a blend or trying a light roast instead of a medium roast. Si...

Decaf Cafe Carmelita - Tony's Coffee

Decaf Cafe Carmelita

If you ask anyone around the roastery, you’ll hear the same thing: decaf drinkers are our favorite coffee types. After all, if you’re drinki...

Espresso Noir - Tony's Coffee

Espresso Noir

Noir is French for "black". Which is fitting, considering that the natural sweetness in this espresso makes it delicious as a straight shot ...

Coffeehouse Blend - Tony's Coffee

Coffeehouse Blend

It’s only fitting that this blend makes such a comforting cup of coffee. After all, what’s cozier than curling up in the corner of your favo...

Mexico Chiapas - Tony's Coffee

Mexico Chiapas

Year after year this coffee is an absolute crowd pleaser. FEDESI (Federacion de Sociedades Cooperativas Cafetaleras de la Sierra Madre) prod...

Honduras Alvarado Sisters - Tony's Coffee

Honduras Alvarado Sisters

Ana Isabel, Iris, and Lourdes own and maintain approximately 12 hectares of land growing Catuai, Parainema and Lempira varieties in the Copá...