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Sun Bear - Kuma Coffee

Sun Bear

Chill down with some of our delicious cold coffee blend, Sun Bear. This blend is comprised of Central American and African coffees to introd...

Balanced - Kuma Coffee


No smoke and mirrors here. Only the freshest, in-season coffees purposefully and thoughtfully picked. Balanced is a fresh crop blend for tho...

Bright - Kuma Coffee


No smoke and mirrors here. Only the freshest in season coffees, purposefully and thoughtfully picked. Fresh Crop is a blend for those who wa...

Colombia Matituy - Kuma Coffee

Colombia Matituy

Welcome to Colombian coffee season 2021! We are starting with a coffee so sweet, with big flavors of raisin and walnut, baking spices like c...

Momma Bear Blend 50/50 Decaf-Regular - Kuma Coffee

Momma Bear Blend 50/50 Decaf-Regular

Are you expecting? Are you filled with anxiety at the state of things? Do you wish you could keep sipping that morning brew for longer? We’v...

Kenya Gaikundo - Kuma Coffee

Kenya Gaikundo

Huge flavors are what we come to Kenyan coffee for. Big dense fruited coffees, reminiscent of finding a blackberry bush on your walk and jus...

Ethiopia Agaro Dera - Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Agaro Dera

Sometimes Ethiopian coffees are black tea and jasmine, and sometimes they have a more rustic tropical vibe, like this: the Agaro Dera. Sourc...

Honduras Marzo Munoz *Late Harvest* - Kuma Coffee

Honduras Marzo Munoz *Late Harvest*

When you get very specific in coffee sourcing, you start looking into weekly outturns from a particular farm. This is the late harvest of Ma...

Costa Rica El Poeta Decaf - Kuma Coffee

Costa Rica El Poeta Decaf

Decaf drinkers are a maligned bunch, always an afterthought at parties. "Oh I think there's some old preground decaf in the pantry from when...

Ethiopia Guji - Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Guji

Recently we ran out of our regular retail bags on a project and resorted back to stamping. We liked how it looked, so though we’d sell it li...

Honduras Gerardo Trejo - Kuma Coffee

Honduras Gerardo Trejo

This is the third of five microlots we have purchased from the 2020 harvest in Santa Barbara. San Vicente is known for procuring and process...

Ethiopia Misty Valley Natural - Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Misty Valley Natural

Here is one of the most iconic coffees that put Kuma on the map: welcome to coffee grown in the Misty Valley of Ethiopia. This is the quinte...