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Alchemistic - Portola Coffee Roasters


This blend has become a staple in the Portola line-up. It is perfect to enjoy black but also pairs well with cream and sugar. Alchemistic al...

Terra Incognito Espresso - Portola Coffee Roasters

Terra Incognito Espresso

We source fresh coffee every season. That being said, we treat our espresso with respect and never input sub-standard beans into our blend. ...

Zambia Estate - Zambia - Portola Coffee Roasters

Zambia Estate - Zambia

This specially prepared, naturally processed coffee comes from the Kateshi and Ngoli estates in Northern province of Zambia. Both estates ca...

Hello 2021 - Portola Coffee Roasters

Hello 2021

PEACE OUT 2020 created such a fan base that we decided to bring it into the new year as HELLO 2021. Portola's first ever... DARK ROASTED cof...

Ethiopia Guji - Portola Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Guji

No description available....

Decaf La Serrania - Portola Coffee Roasters

Decaf La Serrania

Decaf Colombia La Serrania is grown along an isolated set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes that go through Pitalito, ...

Ethiopia Ardi Natural - Portola Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Ardi Natural

Ardi honors origins. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of the coffee tree, and the place where human evolution began. This uniquely sweet,...

Decaf Sumatra Mandheling - Portola Coffee Roasters

Decaf Sumatra Mandheling

This is a Swiss Water processed decaf coffee. Beans are shipped to the Swiss Water facility from the producing farm. They are then cleaned a...

Panama La Milagrosa

Panama La Milagrosa "Mixto"

We have been buying the harvest from Finca La Milagrosa for the last 4 years. This includes the mixed varietal lots, "Mixto," as well as the...