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Veloce - Tri-City Coffee Company


This is a blend of coffees from some of our favorite coffee growing countries: Colombia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. It's sweet, juicy, complex...

Rwanda Gakenke Natural - Tri-City Coffee Company

Rwanda Gakenke Natural

Delicate and clean in the cup, with a candy-like sweetness. Yes please....

Vito's - Tri-City Coffee Company


This medium to full-bodied blend is perfect as an espresso and exceptional for cappuccino and caffe latte. This represents our on-going ques...

Bella Luna - Tri-City Coffee Company

Bella Luna

This dark roasted decaf coffee is for those folks who want a bold cup in the morning or evening without the caffeine kick. This decaf is S...

Marco's - Tri-City Coffee Company


This coffee is not a romance paperback. Big, rich aroma and a dark bold character. Turn the pages to discover fantastic flavor, you won’t wa...

Chronic - Tri-City Coffee Company


Hot umber fuel to re-whiten the reddest of eyes, The Chronic warms the palate and the tummy. Big coffee flavor with hints of remembering the...

Colombia Organic Huila - Tri-City Coffee Company

Colombia Organic Huila

This delightful washed coffee comes from the Huila region of Colombia. Its silky body and bright fruit character are great with any brewing ...

Virgil's - Tri-City Coffee Company


Dark, rich, and intense. Virgil’s is a powerful force of flavor that reminds you of why you fell in love with the aroma of fresh coffee in t...

Deep - Tri-City Coffee Company


Deep water, deep thinking, deep change. The goal of this coffee is to create common ground to talk about human impact on the environment. Ea...

Jackie Oh! - Tri-City Coffee Company

Jackie Oh!

We wanted to offer a light roasted decaf for those folks who want a light and bright cup of coffee in the morning or evening without the caf...

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Tri-City Coffee Company

Guatemala Huehuetenango

This coffee comes from San Antonio Chaguite, located in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Its creamy body and pleasant acidity create a...

Brazil - Tri-City Coffee Company


This delicious, natural processed coffee comes from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. This coffee makes a sweet and smooth cup of drip....

Ethiopia Organic Yirgacheffe - Tri-City Coffee Company

Ethiopia Organic Yirgacheffe

This natural process coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia boasts a syrupy body and bright acidity that is best brought out brewed ...

Chronic Super Dank - Tri-City Coffee Company

Chronic Super Dank

Part Chronic, part secret stash. We’ve stepped on this one and come up with The Chronic Super Dank. This blend will give you that super good...

La Bicicletta - Tri-City Coffee Company

La Bicicletta

A notable combination of fruit, chocolate, and spice. Its thick body, mild acidity, and mellow sweetness remind you of the simple joys in li...

Carmela's - Tri-City Coffee Company


This blend is great on its own and also pairs well with cream. It's sweet, balanced and smooth....

Dominic's Cold Brew - Tri-City Coffee Company

Dominic's Cold Brew

Our in-house cold brew blend has a light, crisp acidity complemented by a smooth, chocolatey body. Delightful notes of vanilla and caramel s...

Ruby's - Tri-City Coffee Company


This organic espresso emphasizes a nice depth and balance. Produces a silky espresso, excellent in milk, but great on its own. Plays well as...

Lucia's Organic Guatemala - Tri-City Coffee Company

Lucia's Organic Guatemala

A coffee for lovers of the nuance and character of single-origin, darkly roasted. This full-bodied coffee has a mild acidity and sugary swee...