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Los Pinos (Anaerobic) - Parisi Coffee

Los Pinos (Anaerobic)

Parisi Coffee's Nicaragua Anaerobic has a syrupy body, and long-lasting, sweet-tart finish. ...

KC Breakfast Decaf - Parisi Coffee

KC Breakfast Decaf

The same pleasing finish and medium acidity of our KC Breakfast Blend only in Decaf format. All our Decaf coffees are water-processed only, ...

Espresso Parisi - Parisi Coffee

Espresso Parisi

Milk chocolate sweetness, notes of hazelnut and almonds, soft mandarin orange-like acidity and a velvety smooth mouthfeel. Together with mil...

Los Pinos (Natural) - Parisi Coffee

Los Pinos (Natural)

This varietal comes from our partner's farm at the Los Pinos Estate, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. ...

Los Pinos (Washed) - Parisi Coffee

Los Pinos (Washed)

This varietal is unique to Parisi Coffee's partner's farm at the Los Pinos Estate, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. ...

Brazil Cocarive - Parisi Coffee

Brazil Cocarive

A full-bodied Brazilian cup with a classic taste. Deep chocolate flavors with mild hazelnut tones and a pleasantly sweet finish. ...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Pride - Parisi Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Pride

Lightly roasted to capture the silky body natural to this coffee. Features notes of stone fruit, lemon and mango supported by black tea and ...

Los Pinos (Honey) - Parisi Coffee

Los Pinos (Honey)

This honey processed coffee is of a Java varietal usually found in Indonesia. Parisi Coffee's partner at the Los Pinos Estate, in Matagalpa,...

Espresso Roma - Parisi Coffee

Espresso Roma

Espresso Roma is the left hand to Espresso Parisi's right. Bigger bodied with a lingering finish, Espresso Roma is a must for the heavy milk...

Bag of Cheer - Parisi Coffee

Bag of Cheer

Find a cozy spot in your home to enjoy a cup of our Holiday Blend. Our Head Roaster created this blend by combining two micro-Lots, our Ta...

Sporting Calcio 2020 - Parisi Coffee

Sporting Calcio 2020

Parisi Coffee is proud to be the Official Coffee of Sporting Kansas City! The first blend from our Tifosi Series, this Medium roast has not...

Burundi Kayanza - Parisi Coffee

Burundi Kayanza

A washed Burundi coffee that has been light roasted to showcase flavors of rhubarb, Hawaiian sweet roll and tamarind. ...

Sunrise Sensation - Parisi Coffee

Sunrise Sensation

A beautiful blend of organic South American Arabica coffees. The mouthfeel is full, rich, buttery and balanced, with notes of chocolate and ...

Espresso Parisi Decaf - Parisi Coffee

Espresso Parisi Decaf

This Espresso is as utilitarian and accessible as Espresso Parisi, but more mellow on the psyche. And as with all our decaf coffees, our Esp...

Sumatra Mandheling - Parisi Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling

A classic Indonesian flavor profile, with a big body and a clean finish. Great for coffee beginners seeking to broaden their perception of s...

Italian Blend - Parisi Coffee

Italian Blend

A full-bodied Latin American blend with a rich, but sweet flavor. Roasted deeply enough to be called dark, but not so much as to disguise th...

KC Breakfast Blend - Parisi Coffee

KC Breakfast Blend

This blend has a creamy, buttery mouthfeel with notes of milk chocolate, grapefruit, melon and caramel. A pleasing finish and medium acidity...

Bravissimo Blend - Parisi Coffee

Bravissimo Blend

A blend of Central American and African beans that will leave you thinking, "Bravissimo!" Our balanced, creamy blend features a chocolate, t...

Sumatra Kerinci - Parisi Coffee

Sumatra Kerinci

Light roast single origin with notes of vanilla, strawberry and soft pineapple. ...

24th Street Blend - Parisi Coffee

24th Street Blend

One of our very first blends, this blend has earned a spot as our "sitting on the front step and watching the world" coffee. ...