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Los Naranjales - Petra Roasters Co.

Los Naranjales

Produced by Mynor Cano, a second-generation producer in the town of EL Chalun in Huehuetenango region, Los Naranjales beans consist of Catur...

Samii Uraga Raro #4 - Petra Roasters Co.

Samii Uraga Raro #4

Uraga Raro is a washing station located in Guji. They wash the coffees they buy from around 430 producers with the new generation processing...

Haru Dhilgee #3 - Petra Roasters Co.

Haru Dhilgee #3

This coffee from the Haru subregion is a perfect example of Yirgacheffe Coffee! Haru Dhilgee, which has super floral, light and mouth wateri...

Las Penas - Petra Roasters Co.

Las Penas

Pedro Aguilar Mendez is a first generation coffee producer from the Aldea el Pajal region. The first thing he did this year before harvest s...

ACME - Petra Roasters Co.


It is a special selection with its high body, balanced-soft acidity and outstanding chocolate sweetness. In the selection of South American ...

La Esperanza - Petra Roasters Co.

La Esperanza

This farm, which Francisco Morales and his wife have run for over 40 years, is located in the Huehuetenango region, where we use coffee many...

Bensa Diima #5 - Petra Roasters Co.

Bensa Diima #5

This coffee from the Bensa washing station in the Sidamo region has become one of our most prominent options in tasting. This natural coffee...

Ready to Brew Cold Brew Coffee - Petra Roasters Co.

Ready to Brew Cold Brew Coffee

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