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4 months ago • RH Rooftop Restaurant Dallas

Love the acidity.

4 months ago • RH

Perfect little espresso at the new RH concept.

Papua New Guinea Kunjin - Metropolis Coffee Company

Papua New Guinea Kunjin

A wildly exotic full-bodied brew with a tangy and sweet flavor like mango and black tea. ...

Acid and Alkaline Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Acid and Alkaline Blend

We’ve partnered with the brilliant team at Acid and Alkaline to bring you this luxurious medium-dark roast with tasting notes of dates, dark...

Spice Island Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Spice Island Blend

Bold and full-bodied, this blend hints at roast, but finishes with flavors of dark chocolate and nuts. ...

Skyway Fair Trade Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Skyway Fair Trade Blend

Full-bodied and bold, with a hint of roast and smoke. This Fair Trade certified blend drinks like a cola. ...

Rwanda Kirorero Kamuzigura FT - Metropolis Coffee Company

Rwanda Kirorero Kamuzigura FT

A bouquet of flavor, just in time for summer. Crisp and sweet acidity like nectarine, lime, and pear over a soft, carmelly body. Aftertaste ...

Redline Espresso - Metropolis Coffee Company

Redline Espresso

Sweet and balanced, built to dazzle as a straight shot or blend smoothly with milk. Our signature blend and homage to the train that rumbles...

Peru Espiritu Wari - Metropolis Coffee Company

Peru Espiritu Wari

Like an animal cracker dipped in caramel and fudge, then rolled in oats, cinnamon and candied pecans. ...

Mocha Java Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Mocha Java Blend

Layering a jammy Ethiopian coffee over a sturdy and nutty bean from Indonesia results in a complex coffee that’s both strong and sweet. ...

Project X - Metropolis Coffee Company

Project X

PROJECT X is an espresso and coffee blend created for Sawada Coffee and Hiroshi Sawada by Metropolis Coffee Company. Starting from samples o...

Granville Fair Trade Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Granville Fair Trade Blend

Balanced and smooth, this Fair Trade certified blend shines with notes of citrus, caramelized sugars, and malt. ...

Cafe Jumping Bean Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Cafe Jumping Bean Blend

Comprised of seasonal Fair Trade coffees from Central and South America, Cafe Jumping Bean Blend is smooth and sweet like milk chocolate wit...

Decaf Xeno's Fair Trade Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Decaf Xeno's Fair Trade Blend

A bold decaf with notes of dark chocolate and a nutty sweetness akin to almond milk. ...

French Roast Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

French Roast Blend

Our darkest roast, a sturdy, stout blend with heavy smoke and tobacco flavors that love milk. ...

Cold Brew Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Cold Brew Blend

Engineered specifically to create a sweet, chocolatey, refreshing cup with a smooth, roasty finish. Designed for cold brew methods only. ...

Decaf Redline - Metropolis Coffee Company

Decaf Redline

Great for decaf espresso or as a brewed cup. Versatile and sweet with notes of dried fruit and caramel. ...

Yolk Roast Coffee - Metropolis Coffee Company

Yolk Roast Coffee

Yolk Roast Coffee is a far cry from your ordinary breakfast blend. We developed this exclusive blend of Ethiopian coffees specifically for o...

Ethiopia Suke Quto - Metropolis Coffee Company

Ethiopia Suke Quto

This former Good Food Awards Gold Medal Winner could ruin you for other coffee. Fresh jasmine aroma over juicy guava, pear, fresh hops, and ...

Colombia Familia Gomez - Metropolis Coffee Company

Colombia Familia Gomez

An elegant brew with sweetness like a creamsicle over a dense and chewy body. Snappy green apple acidity with a floral aroma. ...

La Cordillera Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

La Cordillera Blend

A classic medium-bodied breakfast blend: easy-drinking and smooth, with or without milk. ...

Schweik's Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Schweik's Blend

Delicate, with floral and citrus notes, this refreshing blend of African coffees is a perfect introduction to the nuanced flavors of a light...

Riverfront Fair Trade Blend - Metropolis Coffee Company

Riverfront Fair Trade Blend

Notes of smoke in this bold, rich French roast are complimented pleasantly by sweet notes of molasses, baking chocolate and apple. ...