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Guatemala - Compass Coffee


The steep mountain slopes of Huehuetenango in the highlands of western Guatemala are the crown jewel of Central American coffee. Their diver...

Dark Colombia - Compass Coffee

Dark Colombia

With volcanic ash in the soil and wide temperatures swings between day and night, the Cauca department in western Colombia is home to some o...

Ethiopia Sidamo - Compass Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo

The passion for coffee in Ethiopia is unlike that of any other coffee culture in the world. That especially holds true in the Sidamo region ...

Cardinal Blend - Compass Coffee

Cardinal Blend

The Cardinal is the very first Compass blend and the house coffee at the Compass Cafe. It’s smooth and mellow with a nutty caramel flavor th...

Brazil Serra Negra - Compass Coffee

Brazil Serra Negra

We looked everywhere for a coffee that would be at once familiar and new. We found it in the mountains of Brazil's coffee-growing regions, w...

Horizon Blend - Compass Coffee

Horizon Blend

The Horizon blend is a tangy African light roast with berry and candy-like sweetness. Its bright flavor and medium body make it perfect for ...

Easting Blend - Compass Coffee

Easting Blend

This light roast is warm and smooth with sweet, syrupy flavors that belie its solid, full-bodied character. Like most things that come out o...

Embassy Blend - Compass Coffee

Embassy Blend

Named for the area of DC where Compass Coffee was founded, the Embassy blend is a lot like Embassy Row. Layered and bold with diverse charac...

First Bake Blend - Compass Coffee

First Bake Blend

We love partnering with local restaurants in the DC area, so we were happy to create a blend with Founding Farmers. This blend has notes of ...

Union Kitchen - Compass Coffee

Union Kitchen

This blend was created in partnership with Union Kitchen, an award-winning and renowned food accelerator based in Washington, D.C. The blend...

Cherry Blossom Blend - Compass Coffee

Cherry Blossom Blend

This spring blend draws its inspiration from Washington's famous cherry blossoms, whose brightness and beauty mark a fresh start each year a...

Ruth Blend - Compass Coffee

Ruth Blend

"Ruth: Justice Ginsburg In Her Own Words" tells the improbable story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s rise as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Co...

Waypoint Blend - Compass Coffee

Waypoint Blend

Every once in awhile you come across a coffee you can taste just from the aroma. Waypoint is one of those blends. Toasty, balanced and full-...

Meridian Blend - Compass Coffee

Meridian Blend

Meridian was the first blend that made us sit up and say "Wow." Its intense, complex flavor and almost floral aroma were unlike anything we’...

7th Street - Compass Coffee

7th Street

Named after the location of the first Compass Cafe in Washington DC, 7th Street is a blend that is close to our hearts. It’s light and sweet...

Shaw - Compass Coffee


When you drink a cup of the Shaw blend, you know you’re drinking coffee. With flavors like cocoa and dark fruit, its vibrant intensity gets ...

Papau New Guinea - Compass Coffee

Papau New Guinea

Amid the Hills of Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea, in the shadow of Mount Hagen Volcano lies Ulya Plantation. This small-holder farm takes a...

Decaf Cardinal Blend - Compass Coffee

Decaf Cardinal Blend

Decaf drinkers hold a special place in our hearts. You love coffee for the flavor alone after all. That's why we've created a decaffeinated ...

Emblem Espresso Decaf - Compass Coffee

Emblem Espresso Decaf

Our Emblem Espresso is classic espresso with big, clear accessible flavors and an aroma that is the pure essence of coffee. Don't want to mi...

Colada Blend - Compass Coffee

Colada Blend

The Colada Shop is a local DC restaurant sharing Cuban culture through food & drink. Their mission of quality made this partnership a perfec...

Kenya Lenana - Compass Coffee

Kenya Lenana

Grown on a patchwork of microlots at super high altitude, this Kenyan coffee's small dense beans burst with complex, exotic flavors that spe...

Azimuth Blend - Compass Coffee

Azimuth Blend

This unique blend is dark and intense. When you’re burning the midnight oil or working on deadline, Azimuth is the fuel for that fire. Its s...

Emblem Espresso - Compass Coffee

Emblem Espresso

Filled with romance and made under intense pressure, it is prepared by experts who take great pains to highlight its unique natural characte...

District Doughnut  - Compass Coffee

District Doughnut

District Doughnut's "Happiness Ground" blend. Bright, berry-like, and sweet. NOTE: This coffee is available in whole bean only, but if y...